Reconditioned Vs Refurbished Vs Remanufactured

 … What Is The Difference?


There have been many misconceptions in the medical community as to what defines Reconditioned, Refurbished and Remanufactured. Multi Imager has a very stringent process in how we facilitate the best solution for our customers.



A simplified way in which equipment history, service records and hours on equipment is not taken into consideration. Thorough examination of the machines internal components have not been analyzed and if so, not by a certified manufacturer technician. Little to no internal work has been performed and touch up paint is performed to make a machine appear as new. The company professes that you are receiving a quality system that has been “refurbished” but in reality little or no out of pocket costs were used in the refurbishment process. Most “mom and pop” companies use this approach for their equipment process.


Service history of machines are taken into consideration. Only those with history of light usage and thorough service records are purchased. Manufacturer certified technicians perform all examinations and use a 30 point process in which they can identify any internal issues. Compromised parts are replaced with original certified manufacturer parts. A full external paint job is performed to show the appearance of a new machine. These machines typically come with 6-12 month warranty options to ensure comfort to customer. MI Certified machines fall into this category. Multi Imager has excelled in the process for over 30 years.


All components are replace and the equipment is completely redone as new. The equipment is disassembled to nuts and bolts and painted and rebuilt. This is typically a very time consuming, non-cost effective way to purchase. It tends to be competitive directly with new equipment pricing.

The Multi Imager Difference

MI Certified Refurbished

At Multi Imager, we focus on bringing you the absolute best value and quality by focusing on offering a comprehensive refurbishing program (MI Certified). Our MI Certified program is offered on most lines of equipment we sell such as:

Our program stacks up and exceeds that of most major OEMs and offers the ability own a high quality and excellent performing piece of equipment all at an affordable price. For complete details on the MI Certified program please reach out one of our sales reps, or request information by filling out our Request A Quote form.

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