NEW PRODUCT: GE OEC 9800 Flat Panel Monitor Upgrade

Multi Surgical is happy to introduce the all new Flat Panel Retro Fit kit for all software levels and years of the GE OEC 9800 C-Arm.  The new flat panel monitor upgrade kit allows you to covert your 9800 to the same resolution monitors found on the newer 9900 c-arm system as well as add a similar articulating arm for monitor positioning with out the need to move the monitor cart. Features of the new kit include:

  • Dual 20.1″ LED Backlit LCDs (Medical Grade)
  • Articulating Arm For LCD Movement
  • 900 cd/m2
  • 1500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 178 Degree Viewing Angle (H/V)
  • Quick Installation (can be completed in the field)
  • 1 Year Warranty

Most people today are upgrading to 9900s specifically because of the monitors, as both the 9900 and 9800 share the same image chain and the weakest link when comparing image quality is the CRTs the come from the factory on the 9800. With this retro fit / upgrade kit you can get the same great image quality our of your older 9800 and increase it life all while getting better return on investment.

For information on upgrading your current system or purchasing a refurbished 9800 with this kit pre-installed please give us a call at (800) 400-4549 or drop us a quote request by CLICKING HERE