Cheaper Ways To Purchase Medical Equipment

With the nature of Capital Imaging Equipment purchasing into today’s environment, it is crucial to find the most cost effective ways to buy.  Previously, budgets allowed us to continue to trade in equipment as we felt they were starting to age.  Now, we are in a time when equipment is being used until it fails or is starting to experience error codes.  One of the easiest ways to help in holding down costs and continuing to use quality equipment is to look at options into refurbished equipment or using suppliers such as Multi Imager for renting equipment.


Some of the various types of “cheaper than new” or most cost effective equipment that can be bought; refurbished or rented is GE OEC 9600, GE OEC 9800, GE 9900 C-Arm Systems, Stryker and Steris Operating Tables, Stryker, Steris, and Marquet Lighting systems, full size or table top sterilization and any other expensive and inexpensive needs that you may have in an operating room or surgery suite.

Purchasing less expensive options allows for hospitals and surgery centers to move delegated funds to other areas that are crucial in the facility to serve patients needs.  If facilities are not able to get funding for brand new equipment in their yearly budget, refurbished from a high quality professional company is a great way to save on costs.  Another way to save is to rent from a reputable source that allows a full coverage warranty during the entire rental of a piece of equipment.  A reputable company such as Multi Imager allows for a large portion of the rental amount to be applied towards the purchase of the equipment.  In essence, a rent-to-own program with a balloon payment at the end with some of the rental payments applied to the buyout amount.

Another cheaper alternative for capital purchasing, is to use your existing equipment as a trade in.  Some companies such as Multi Imager allow for working or non-working equipment to be used as a trade-in to buy refurbished equipment or monies applied towards a rental program.  In some cases, the offset of a trade-in amount can pay for a full year of rental! In essence, allowing you to use the equipment for free for an entire year.

There are cheaper alternatives in today’s environment that will allow for you not to compromise quality.  Multi Imager has been in business for over 25 years and is above industry standards in our refurbishing process. Our process which is called MI Certified program,   is comparable to that of the GE Goldseal refurbishing program.

Call us today for a more cost effective way to manage your budgets and not compromise your quality standards.

Multi Imager