[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ulti Surgical offers a a large verity of surgical lighting to meet the demands of todays clinics, surgery centers and hospitals. We offer everything from Major and Minor Surgical lights, to Procedural and Exam lights, to even cordless head lights and lighting accessories. Below is a general selection of the various lighting options we offer. All of our lighting options are brand NEW with factory warranties and optional factory installation. We also offer a mix of LED and Halogen options to fit every budget. We encourage you to take at look at them and see if any of them meet your needs.  If there is something specifically that your looking for please use our REQUEST A QUOTE form and company representative will be in contact with you.

Trying to decided between Halogen and LED? Be sure to check out our article covering the Pros & Cons of each: LED vs Halogen – Why people are upgrading to LED surgical lights

[prima_products_in_category title=”Major &  Minor Surgical Lights” category=”major & minor surgery” numbers=”3″ columns=”4″]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Procedural & Exam Lights” category=”procedure & exam” numbers=”7″ columns=”4″]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Surgical Lighting Options” category=”lighting options” numbers=”2″ columns=”4″]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Surgical Head Lights” category=”headlights” numbers=”2″ columns=”4″]

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